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Biocortech, FondaMental Foundation Enter into a Strategic Alliance

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Biocortech, the biotech company dedicated to the development of biological diagnostics for personalized psychiatry, and FondaMental, the foundation of scientific cooperation for mental health research and care, recently announced the signing of a strategic alliance to validate biomarkers for personalized psychiatry.

This strategic alliance aims at speeding up the availability of qualified blood tests for diagnosis, prognosis, drug selection and monitoring for a personalized medical management of patients suffering from mental health disorders. Concretely, Biocortech and FondaMental will collaborate in clinically validating blood tests measuring biomarkers identified by Biocortech or in FondaMental’s network of scientific excellence. Biocortech and FondaMental will define relevant clinical settings and clinical issues to be addressed, build up adequate resources to access blood samples of patients with proper medical records, set up and monitor clinical trials. Biocortech will have responsibility for industrializing and commercializing qualified tests.

Dr Dinah Weissmann, Biocortech CEO, emphasizes “[that] there is a perfect fit between Biocortech and FondaMental. We both share the same vision of the forthcoming emergence of personalized medicine in psychiatry and we are equally convinced that scientific excellence is a key driver to make it happen.” Pr Marion Leboyer, Director of FondaMental, underlines “[that] mental health disorders are among the most frequent, disabling and costly conditions or diseases for healthcare systems in the world. Encouragingly, biomarker research in psychiatry which lagged behind biomarker research in other disease areas for years is now catching up. It is now critical to forge public-private, academic-industry partnerships such as the one we are entering into with Biocortech to turn promising biomarkers into so much needed blood tests.”

Source: Biocortech