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BG Medicine, Inc. Announces Availability of Galectin-3 Testing Through Cleveland HeartLab, Inc.

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BG Medicine, Inc., a company focused on the development and commercialization of novel, biomarker-based diagnostics, announced today that Cleveland HeartLab, Inc. is now offering BGM Galectin-3 testing services.

“The launch of galectin-3 testing services by Cleveland HeartLab, Inc., a leading specialty clinical reference laboratory, grows the increasing pool of physicians who now have convenient access to this important new test and complements the broad range of cardiovascular tests already being offered to physicians through Cleveland HeartLab, Inc.,” said Pieter Muntendam, MD, President and CEO of BG Medicine, Inc.

“Cleveland HeartLab, Inc. prides itself on being a leader in cardiovascular disease management through the use of a novel, five-biomarker CVD Inflammation Profile that enables physicians to determine if and to what degree their patients are at risk for cardiovascular disease,” said Jake Orville, President and CEO of Cleveland HeartLab. “Galectin-3 testing complements our approach to cardiovascular disease management and will assist physicians in making important clinical decisions for their patients. Cleveland HeartLab, Inc. is dedicated to offering cutting-edge testing to physicians in an effort to improve patient management, and the addition of galectin-3 to our test menu supports this mission.”

Source: BG Medicine