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Aptiv Solutions and Cancer Genetics Partner, Focus On Cancer Clinical Trials

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Aptiv Solutions and Cancer Genetics, Inc. (CGI) have formed a strategic partnership focused on delivering comprehensive solutions to biopharmaceutical and medical device firms conducting clinical trials for oncology therapeutics. Aptiv Solutions provides a portfolio of innovative services including adaptive trial design, early phase product strategy, regulatory services, pharmacovigilance, and the operational support of a global clinical research organization. CGI provides disease-specific biomarker knowledge, proprietary molecular testing and oncology lab services to sponsor companies during the early stages of clinical trials.

Together, Aptiv Solutions and CGI will provide biopharmaceutical firms with a better understanding of modes of action of a variety of therapeutics and the role for biomarkers in the oncology drug development process. Early insight in complex diseases and complicated patients garnered by using genomic technologies and other methodologies will drive informed decisions and successful development of targeted therapies, personalized medicine and other new therapeutics. The collaboration will provide customers with the products and services necessary to bring oncology therapeutics to their patients faster and at a reduced cost.

“We are excited about partnering with CGI to enhance our ability to offer molecular and genetic laboratory expertise to our clients,” said Gene Resnick, MD, Chief Medical Officer for Aptiv Solutions. “We recognize the critical role of biomarkers in the development of new agents in oncology and other therapeutic areas, and look forward to bringing a combined solution to the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industries which will enable clients to accelerate the progress of more efficient clinical trials. Adding this capacity to our existing expertise in oncology trial management will bring a value-add for sponsors and ultimately for patients.”

“Integrated clinical information is critical to providing customized patient treatment in which drug usage and dosage can be specifically targeted to the individual patient’s genetic requirement,” said Panna Sharma, Chief Executive Officer of CGI. “As a leader in personalized medicine, CGI is confident that this collaboration will assist our clients in the development of new therapeutics and diagnostics by reducing the time frame and costs for regulatory approval through patient stratification.”

Source: Aptiv Solutions