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AMP Announces Completion of Strategic Plan For Era of Personalized Medicine

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The Association for Molecular Pathology (AMP) recently announced the AMP Council’s unanimous approval of a strategic plan intended to guide the organization over the next four years.

The plan’s completion follows a comprehensive Council review of AMP’s mission and strategic direction. The process was also informed by multiple surveys of membership and elected leadership, as well as numerous field interviews.

In developing the plan, the Council wanted to ensure AMP was effectively positioned to address the demands of rapid growth, the escalating role of genomics in medicine and the increasing presence of molecular diagnostics in public policy. Five key strategic issues were identified: advocacy, education, innovation and improved patient care, governance, and management.

“This plan effectively sets supporting goals for the Association, as well as detailed objectives for the current year, and broader objectives for the next four years. Molecular pathology is on its way to becoming central to the practice of medicine, as molecular diagnostics continues to guide more accurate and personalized treatments,” said Strategic Planning Implementation Committee Chair Dr. Karen Mann. “AMP intends to use its influence and the expertise of its members to provide education and promote policies that will enhance patient care.”

The resulting objectives for each strategic issue are:

  • Advocacy: To be the identifiable and creditable professional organization on all matters concerning molecular diagnostics; to influence relevant policy, especially regulatory and reimbursement, in public and private arenas.
  • Education: To influence behavior based on the best science; to be the educator of choice in molecular pathology.
  • Innovation and Improved Patient Care: To foster innovation to improve patient care and patient outcomes.
  • Governance: Provide decision-making that is informed and strategic.
  • Management: To provide efficient and effective implementation of strategic objectives and administration of the business aspects of the Association.

AMP also announced an expansion of its staff, including Director of Scientific Programs Melvin Limson, PhD and Project Coordinator TaNika Switzer.

“AMP has a strong foundation, a history of rapid growth – both in numbers and influence – and we anticipate a very bright future. Our membership is strengthened by its diversity, collegiality, and loyalty to the profession and to each other. This plan gives us an outstanding roadmap for collective growth and long-term engagement, and I am very grateful to all who participated in its development,” said AMP Executive Director Mary Steele Williams.

An Implementation Committee will work with the Executive Director to ensure that an effective implementation plan and reassessment systems are developed.

Source: Newswise