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About Biomarker Commons

Biomarker Commons aggregates the latest biomarker news and research focused on biomarker discovery, development and use.

A biomarker is an organic material that is used as an indicator of a biological state. Specifically, a biomarker is a molecular signature found in blood, other body fluids, or tissues that reflects a normal biologic process, pathogenic process or pharmacologic process to a therapeutic intervention. A biomarker that has been shown to have clinical validity, analytic validity and clinical utility can be used to identify the earliest stages of disease onset, diagnosis, prognosis, efficacy of a specific drug therapy, toxicological effects of a drug, or disease risk.

There are a number of biomarkers in use today, not only in experimental research but in the clinical setting.

  • Translation biomarkers are used in both a preclinical (i.e. animal models) and clinical setting
  • Early detection biomarkers are used to identify the earliest stages of disease onset
  • Diagnostic biomarkers are used to identify the presence or absence of a specific disease state
  • Staging biomarkers are used to distinguish between different stages of a chronic disorder
  • Prognostic biomarkers are used to determine patient survival probability
  • Disease biomarkers are related to a clinical outcome or measure of disease
  • Predictive or efficacy biomarkers are used to predict the efficacy of a specific drug therapy
  • Target biomarkers are used to determine the interaction of a drug or small molecule with its target
  • Mechanism biomarkers are used to report on the downstream effects of a drug
  • Toxicity biomarkers are used to determine the toxicological effects of drugs on an in vitro or in vivo system
  • Surrogate biomarkers are regarded as valid substitutes for measuring clinical outcomes

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