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Archives for September 2015

New Precision Medicine Approach To Cancer Treatment Offers Promise In Eliminating Cancer Disparities Gap

Someone who is diagnosed with cancer today would typically receive treatment for their disease based on the type of cancer they have. For example, there are specific, standard treatments for patients with breast cancer or colorectal cancer or prostate cancer.

That strategy is now evolving, thanks to a new approach to medicine that is focused not on where in the body the cancer is located but on what is inside the tumor itself. And in January 2015, President Obama took up the mantle of this new approach to patient care, known as precision medicine, announcing a $215 million initiative aimed at speeding progress in this area of research.

Proteins in Mother’s Blood Can Predict Risk for Serious Pregnancy Complications in Women with Lupus

Researchers at Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) have released a second set of results from the PROMISSE study showing that angiogenic biomarkers measured in maternal blood successfully predict whether or not a woman with lupus is likely to experience serious complications during pregnancy – complications that could negatively affect her health or that of her baby.

ACLA Warns CMS’ Proposed Coding and Payment Proposals that Pose Draconian Cuts to Innovative Life-Saving Diagnostics Will Jeopardize the Advancement of Personalized Medicine

The nation’s largest organization representing the public policy interests of clinical laboratories across the U.S., the American Clinical Laboratory Association (ACLA), said today coding and payment proposals for highly advanced molecular diagnostic tests recently released by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) will seriously hamstring physicians’ ability to determine the best course of treatment and impact patient care for those depending on accurate diagnoses and effective medications.

QIAGEN’s RespiFast RG enhances diagnosis of respiratory infections

QIAGEN recently announced the European launch of its RespiFast RG Panel, a molecular diagnostic kit that has received CE-IVD marking for the detection and differentiation of 22 pathogens that cause respiratory tract infections in humans. In a single multiplex kit, RespiFast RG Panel provides highly sensitive, accurate results for a broad range of pathogens – 18 viruses and four bacteria – that cause acute upper respiratory tract infection (RTI). The respiratory panel is the first multiplex assay to run on QIAGEN’s flexible QIAsymphony automation platform.

WuXi NextCODE and Fudan Children’s Hospital Partner to Lead Whole Genome Diagnostics for Rare Diseases in China

WuXi NextCODE, a precision medicine company using the genome to improve health worldwide, and the Children’s Hospital of Fudan University (CHFU), based in Shanghai and serving 2.3 million patients nationwide per year, today announced the signing of a landmark agreement for advancing precision medicine in China. It brings WuXi NextCODE’s renowned genomic testing capabilities directly into clinical use for the first time in China, and builds on CHFU’s preeminence in pediatrics to begin immediately to deliver benefits to thousands of rare disease patients across China.