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Archives for August 2012

Critical Diagnostics Widens its Footprint in The Asia Pacific Region For its Cardiac Biomarker ST2

Critical Diagnostics, a U.S.-based biomarker company focused on cardiovascular diseases, today announced that it continues to expand its presence in the Asia Pacific region with the addition of two distribution partners.

Cytokine Antibody Array Assays Developed by RayBiotech, Inc. Used to Identify Key Cancer Cell Chemoresistance Pathway

RayBiotech, Inc. announced today that several antibody-based biomarker screening assays developed by the company were utilized to identify a critical pathway involved in chemotherapeutic resistance acquired by melanoma cancer cells.

Specifically, the RayBio® G-Series 4000 and the RayBio® L-Series 507 cytokine antibody arrays allowed the characterization of a specific pathway associated with the cancer cells’ ability to develop resistance to chemotherapeutic agents. Utilizing RayBiotech’s antibody arrays, the authors discerned that the microenvironment of a melanoma tumor plays a crucial role in modulating resistance to certain cancer drugs. In addition, the arrays helped to identify individual factors acting upon cancer cells that are both necessary and sufficient to drive chemoresistance. These studies revealed unique biochemical and molecular targets for possible therapeutic intervention for the treatment and management of melanoma. The seminal research was published in Nature (Nature. 2012 Jul 26; 487:500-4).

Commenting on the research, RayBiotech’s President and Chief Operating Officer Rani Huang stated, “The findings of this research have comprehensively outlined a novel mechanism behind the acquisition of chemoresistance by one of the deadliest forms of cancer. We are pleased that RayBiotech’s antibody arrays played important roles in chemoresistance pathway characterization. This is a perfect example of how our high-content screening tools can facilitate potential drug target identification.”

Study: Tumour micro-environment elicits innate resistance to RAF inhibitors through HGF secretion

Source: Market Wire

Almac Announces Launch of Next Generation Sequencing Service for Personalised Medicine

Almac today announced that it is launching a Next Generation Sequencing service to further expand its range of solutions supporting the development of personalised medicine. The purpose of this service is to support Almac’s BioPharma partners in the development of molecular tests for trial enrichment and companion diagnostic development, specifically focussing on targeted re-sequencing

Proteome Sciences to Collaborate with CHDI Foundation on Huntington’s Disease Research

London, UK. Proteome Sciences plc (Proteome) has announced that they will collaborate with CHDI Foundation, Inc. on a systems biology project regarding Huntington’s disease. Initially, Proteome will provide its PS Biomarker Services™ protein profiling to CHDI’s research programs. The analyses will be performed at Proteome’s facility in Frankfurt am Main (Germany), which is certified according to the international quality standards of ISO 9001:2008.

NIH to Fund Studies on the Clinical Utility of Extracellular RNA for Biomarker Development

The National Institutes of Health announced last week that the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) on behalf of the NIH Common Fund Program on Extracellular RNA Communication will support studies that promote the identification and validation of extracellular RNA (exRNA)-based biomarkers readily available from human body fluids and to facilitate the assessment and qualification of biomarkers for their utility in the clinical setting.