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Archives for July 2012

HALO Healthcare Finalizes License Agreement With University of North Dakota for Cancer Detection Biomarkers

HALO Healthcare, Inc., a provider of innovative diagnostic solutions for women’s breast care announced that it has signed a definitive license agreement with the University of North Dakota (UND) to develop biomarkers for the early detection of breast cancer. Early detection of breast cancer has significant health and economic benefits. The licensed UND technology is based on detecting cancer biomarkers in breast nipple aspirate fluid (NAF) which is the platform used for the HALO® Breast Test marketed by Halo Healthcare for breast cancer risk assessment. Over 25,000 HALO tests have been performed worldwide.

France Dixon Helfer, President and CEO of Halo Healthcare states, “This license has the opportunity of providing women all over the world an annual early breast detection test years before it is visible by mammography or other imaging technologies used for breast cancer screening. Our scientists are developing a laboratory ‘test kit’ which could revolutionize the breast cancer care path. This empowering breakthrough technology will enable physicians to find and treat breast cancer at a very early stage so all women can be spared the devastating effects of later staged breast cancer.”

Dr. Edward Sauter, the inventor of the biomarker technology and a practicing breast surgeon, acknowledges the potential clinical value by noting “this biomolecular technology strikes at the root cause of cancer and its development is the result of many years of research effort.” Dr. Sauter further states that “with appropriate clinical validation the test will be of great value to breast cancer specialists and to women.”

“The University of North Dakota is happy to have executed this definitive exclusive license agreement with HALO Healthcare, Inc.,” said Michael F. Moore, the university’s associate vice president, intellectual property commercialization & economic development. “We believe HALO Healthcare is a dedicated partner, committed to developing this technology to improve breast cancer diagnostic technology. UND looks forward to a long relationship with HALO Healthcare.”

Source: HALO Healthcare

New Pan-Canadian Terry Fox Research Institute Network Receives Close to $4-million to Find Better Tools to Treat Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer and the third-leading cause of cancer-related death in Canadian men. Screening has enabled earlier diagnosis of prostate cancer, but with three out of four men actually diagnosed with a non-lethal form, should they all undergo the same treatment? A new pan-Canadian network of prostate cancer researchers formed by the Terry Fox Research Institute aims to address this need with approximately $4-million provided by the Terry Fox Foundation and the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer. The funding was announced recently at the University of Montreal Hospital Research Centre (CRCHUM).

Genomic Health Announces Publication of Clinical Outcomes Study for Biomarker Discovery Using Next Generation Sequencing

Genomic Health, Inc. (Nasdaq: GHDX) recently announced that the peer-reviewed journal PLoS ONE published positive results from its groundbreaking clinical outcomes study for biomarker discovery applying Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) for whole transcriptome profiling of archival formalin-fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) tumor specimens. Results demonstrated that Genomic Health’s proprietary whole transcriptome RNA-Seq technology successfully rediscovered validated genes used in the Oncotype DX® breast cancer test that previously had been identified by RT-PCR, and discovered more than two thousand additional candidate biomarkers for future clinical research and development.

BioFocus Expands Drug Discovery Offering with Proteomics Technology from Activiomics

BioFocus and Activiomics recently announced a strategic alliance which will allow BioFocus to offer its customers Activiomics’ proteomics services to improve identification of novel targets for drug discovery and biomarkers for diagnostics.

EKF Diagnostics Signs Licensing Agreement for Kidney Biomarkers

EKF Diagnostics Holdings plc (AIM: EKF), a worldwide manufacturer of point of care in-vitro diagnostic devices, announces that it has signed an exclusive license agreement with the Joslin Diabetes Center (“Joslin”), a teaching, research and clinical care affiliate of Harvard Medical School, to license certain novel kidney biomarker technology. The licensed biomarkers were developed by Dr. Andrzej Krolewski, MD, PhD, Head of Section on Genetics and Epidemiology, and his laboratory team at Joslin.