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Archives for January 2012

Dako and Amgen to Collaborate in Development of a Companion DX

Dako, a world leading independent cancer diagnostic supplier with 45 years of experience in pathology, announced today that it has entered into a development and collaboration agreement with Amgen Inc. to develop a diagnostic test for an Amgen cancer drug candidate targeted for a rare and deadly cancer.

Foundation Medicine Announces Collaboration with Sanofi

Foundation Medicine, Inc., a molecular information company that brings comprehensive cancer genome analysis to routine clinical care, today announced the initiation of a strategic collaboration with Sanofi. Foundation Medicine will use their genomic sequencing and analytic capabilities to identify genetic biomarkers and potential companion diagnostics for select Sanofi oncology drug candidates. This is Foundation Medicine’s fifth major pharmaceutical company alliance, each of which utilizes the company’s comprehensive technology for providing a fully informative molecular cancer profile.

Qiagen Receives Regulatory Approval in Japan for EGFR Companion Diagnostic to Guide Cancer Treatments

Qiagen today announced the regulatory approval of its therascreen EGFR Mutation Detection Kit RGQ in Japan. EGFR, the epidermal growth factor receptor, has been shown to play an important role in certain cancers and is the target of many new anticancer drugs.

Epigenomics Biomarker Predicts Drug Resistance in Colorectal Cancer

Epigenomics AG, the German-American cancer molecular diagnostics company, is pleased to announce the publication of a study authored by Professor Matthias Ebert at University of Heidelberg entitled “TFAP2E-DKK4 and Chemoresistance in Colorectal Cancer” in the January edition of The New England Journal of Medicine.

SciClips Launches Cancer Biomarker Database

The success of personalized cancer therapeutics relies on the development of companion diagnostic assays that can identify the most appropriate cancer patient, tumor type and disease state. To address this need, SciClips, a Wisconsin-based open innovation platform company that enables scientists and researchers to collaborate and share research and ideas, recently launched a cancer (oncology) biomarker database.