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Archives for December 2011

Tests for Biomarker May Help Determine Diagnosis of Heart Attack Within Hours

For patients admitted to an emergency department with chest pain, use of a contemporary or highly sensitive test for levels of troponin I (a protein in muscle tissue) may help rule-out a diagnosis of heart attack, while changes in the measured levels of this biomarker at 3 hours after admission may be useful to confirm a diagnosis of heart attack, according to a study in the December 28 issue of JAMA.

Lee BioSolutions is Transforming the Way Killer Blood Clots are Detected

Lee BioSolutions, an international manufacturer, producer and supplier of high purity proteins and antigens announces increased manufacturing capacity for D-Dimer protein. The St. Louis-based biotechnology firm recently developed a proprietary process to effectively and efficiently purify the protein marker for Deep Vein Thrombosis and Pulmonary Embolism detection. As a result, LeeBio is supplying bulk quantities of this critical component for thrombosis tests to major manufacturers for early detection of blood clots to prevent DVT.

Protein Biomarker Producer Will Revolutionize Cardiovascular Research

Lee BioSolutions Inc, an international manufacturer, producer and supplier of high purity proteins and antigens announces the isolation and increased production of Myeloperoxidase isolated from Leukocytes and C-Reactive Protein from Pleural Fluid. The St. Louis-based biotechnology firm has developed a unique proprietary process to effectively and efficiently purify the Myeloperoxidase and C-Reactive Protein used in the prediction of Cardiovascular Disease. As a result, Lee is now is a preferred producer for researchers and diagnostic companies to supply these critical components.

HistoRx Licenses Melanoma Assay from Yale University

HistoRx recently licensed from Yale University a new clinical diagnostic assay based on AQUA technology. This assay enables doctors treating patients with melanoma to identify a subset of those patients who, despite having no detectable cancer in their lymph nodes, have a 40% risk of recurrence of their disease. AQUA technology is an automated, quantitative IHC testing method that enables measurement of protein biomarkers in tissue as an aid to a pathologist’s diagnosis. Such precise determination of first, the location within the tumor cell and second, the amount in each location is not possible with conventional testing methods, such as standard immunohistochemistry (IHC).

Pacific Biomarkers Announces Collaborative Agreement With Clinigene International for Providing Specialty Biomarker and High-End Clinical Lab Services to Global Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industry

Pacific Biomarkers (PBI), a Seattle, WA-based limited liability company that provides premier biomarker and specialty efficacy testing services to the drug development industry, and Clinigene International Limited, an India-based CRO that offers end-to-end clinical and laboratory services for accelerating clinical research, announce a collaborative agreement for addressing specialty biomarker and high-end clinical trial laboratory needs of the global pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.