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Archives for July 2011

Personalized Medicine or Patient-centered Care?

Personalized medicine is a term used in science and medicine that holds significant promise of administering medicines specifically tailored to an individual’s genome or metabolism. However, an editorial published yesterday in the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ) suggests that the term creates an image for the public that is completely opposite of science and technology and sets up unrealistic expectations.

Biomarker Brief: July 18, 2011

Biomarker Brief is an occasionally recurring series highlighting particularly interesting articles on biomarkers and/or personalized medicine.

Two Studies Advance Global Standardization of Biomarkers for Alzheimer’s Disease

As the Alzheimer’s field moves closer to new and earlier tests for the disease, innovative global research initiatives are taking the first important steps to standardize Alzheimer’s biomarkers, as evidenced by two presentations made today at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference 2011 (AAIC 2011) in Paris.

Proteome Sciences and Buck Institute to Develop Biomarker Tests to Improve Breast Cancer Treatment

Proteome Sciences plc (“Proteome”) a global leader in biomarkers will collaborate with Buck Institute for Research on Aging (“Buck”) to develop personalized molecular tests for estrogen receptor alpha (ER-alpha) aimed at improving outcomes in breast cancer.

Nuclea Biotechnologies and Clark University Team Up On Establishing Proteomic and Metabolomic Center

Nuclea Biotechnologies Inc. and Clark University recently announced an expansion of their research partnership and the establishment of a new Proteomic and Metabolomic Center on the Clark University Campus. The center will offer high performance bioinformatics cluster resources that will allow Nuclea and Clark to analyze, identify, and quantify targets at the molecular level — a critical component to modern biomedical research, clinical diagnostic discovery, and drug development efforts.