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Archives for December 2010

Genetic Biomarker for Risk of Breast Cancer Identified in “Junk” DNA

Researchers at Virginia Bioinformatics Institute (VBI) at Virginia Tech have discovered a new genetic biomarker that indicates an increased risk for developing breast cancer. The multidisciplinary team found that longer DNA sequences of a repetitive microsatellite were much more likely to be present in breast cancer patients than healthy volunteers.

AltheaDx and Compendia Bioscience Partner to Launch the Breast Cancer Segregation Panel

AltheaDx announced earlier this month the formation of a strategic partnership with Compendia Bioscience. The two companies will combine their respective core capabilities in assay development, validation and bioinformatics.

Researchers Develop Urine Test for Coronary Artery Disease

Researchers at the University of Glasgow have announced the development of a test to detect coronary artery disease. The study, published in the the Journal of Hypertension, has identified a 238-protein signature from 408 individuals that indicates coronary artery disease.

Caliper Life Sciences to Aquire Cambridge Research & Instrumentation

Caliper Life Sciences has announced that it has entered into definitive agreement to aquire privately-held Cambridge Research & Instrumentation (CRi) for approximately $20.0 million.

ASU Researchers Identify a Biomarker Panel for Early Detection of Breast Cancer

Joshua LaBaer and colleagues from the Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University recently developed a new method for rapidly screening molecules associated with the development of breast cancer. The study, published in the American Chemistry Society’s Journal of Proteome Research, identified a panel of 28 early predictors of breast cancer.