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Archives for November 2010

GNS Healthcare Signs Childhood Asthma Genetics Collaboration with Nationally-ranked Hospital

GNS Healthcare, Inc. (GNS) today announced a two-year collaboration with Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH), a teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School. The goal of the collaboration is to identify biomarkers to predict patient response to asthma therapies and to discover new biology that may lead to better treatments for asthma. The collaboration will combine the disease expertise of the BWH researchers, the computational expertise of BWH and GNS, and GNS’s supercomputer-driven Reverse Engineering Forward Simulation (REFSTM) scientific computing platform. Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

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Name You Need To Know in 2011: The S100B Blood Test

It has been coined the signature wound of the Iraq war. Traumatic brain injury has been on the rise as improvised explosive devices in Iraq and Afghanistan expose troops to more blasts and resultant head wounds than ever before.

Aushon Introduces New Chief Scientific Officer

Aushon BioSystems, Inc., a leading provider of advanced microarray products and laboratory services for biomarker discovery, development and analysis, announces that Sven Beushausen, Ph.D., has been appointed to the position of Chief Scientific Officer. Dr. Beushausen brings more than a quarter century of scientific research and product development experience to this new role, most recently as the Molecular Medicine Site Lead for Pfizer. Inc. He has served in a number of other senior-level scientific research positions throughout his career, including Senior Director and Global Lead, Proteomics and Reverse Pharmacology, and Director of the Toxicoproteomics Center of Emphasis in Drug Safety (Pfizer), as well as Director of Manufacturing Technologies (Invitrogen).

Ariana Pharma Enters Viral Hepatitis Partnership with Bio-Rad, INSERM and Beaujon Hospital

Ariana Pharma, a leader in decision support tools and services to accelerate the development and optimal use of drugs and biomarker discovery, announces today that it has entered into a partnership to improve the diagnosis and prognosis of chronic hepatitis.

Ariana is collaborating with AP-HP (Beaujon Hospital) and INSERM joined center of excellence for viral hepatitis and Bio-Rad France to apply its novel technology to the discovery of new biomarkers. The Hepachronix project pools their collective expertise to identify, develop and market new tools for the early diagnosis of fibrosis and for the prognosis of resistance to treatment. Diagnostics specialist Bio-Rad leads this 3-year-project.