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Archives for October 2010

Novel Biomarker May Predict Response to New VEGF Receptor Inhibitor

Researchers believe there may be a way to predict, based on individual tumors, those patients that are more likely to respond to the investigational new drug tivozanib.

Rules-Based Medicine Announces Commercial Release of VeriPsych, Diagnostic Aid for Recent Onset Schizophrenia

Rules-Based Medicine, Inc. (RBM), today announced the widespread commercial availability of VeriPsych, the first and only blood-based diagnostic test to aid in confirming the diagnosis of recent onset schizophrenia, a potentially devastating and costly mental illness that affects about 24 million people worldwide. VeriPsych is an innovative molecular diagnostic tool designed to complement the healthcare provider’s clinical impression.

Blood Test Could Diagnose Alzheimer’s, Researchers Find

A set of proteins found in blood serum shows promise as a sensitive and accurate way to diagnose Alzheimer’s disease, researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center have found as part of a statewide study.

Early Lung Cancer Detection

Researchers from Northwestern University and NorthShore University HealthSystem (NorthShore) have developed a method to detect early signs of lung cancer by examining cheek cells in humans using pioneering biophotonics technology.

Umbilical Cord Blood Not Suitable for Assessing Allergy Risk

For years, hospitals and researchers have been testing blood samples from the umbilical cords of newborn babies to assess the risk of allergy. Now a study has revealed that the biomarker in the blood that indicates the risk factor for allergy often comes from the mother rather than her baby. Cord blood has been used to indicate allergy risk