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Strand Genomics Inc. Announces Major Initiative With HCG To Provide Personalized Genomics Services For Oncology

Strand Genomics Inc. (Strand), a global leader in clinical genomics, recently announced a major initiative with Health Care Global Enterprises, Ltd (HCG) to provide personalized genomics services for oncology. Strand’s clinical genomics solutions for oncology offered by the Strand-Triesta Center for Cancer Genomics (Strand-Triesta) include both cancer risk assessment from saliva DNA as well as molecular diagnosis, treatment options and clinical trials recommendations based on tumor DNA. Representatives from Strand and HCG recently discussed their model for providing genomic services to healthcare providers globally at the 2014 American Society for Clinical Oncology Annual Meeting (ASCO) in Chicago.

Strand Genomics Announces Availability Of Technology Solutions To Power Expansion Of Personalized Medicine Centers In U.S.

Strand Genomics, Inc. (Strand) recently announced its recent unveiling of a full suite of technology solutions that will support its expansion of Strand Centers for Genomics & Personalized Medicine (Strand Centers) into the U.S. At last month’s ACMG 2014 Annual Clinical Genetics Meeting in Nashville, Strand demonstrated how its StrandOmics and Avadis-NGS Server Edition software support the end-to-end clinical genomics services that will be offered by Strand Centers as the company seeks to expand its successful model from India into the United States.

Strand Genomics Inc. And BioHealth Innovation, Inc. Partner To Expand Strand Centers For Genomics & Personalized Medicine In The U.S.

Strand Genomics Inc. (Strand) and BioHealth Innovation, Inc. (BHI) recently announced a strategic partnership designed to expand the Strand Centers for Genomics & Personalized Medicine into the U.S. This effort is intended to help revolutionize access to genomic interpretation services in cardiovascular disease, oncology, rare diseases, and many other indications. Strand Genomics is a wholly owned subsidiary of Strand Life Sciences, a Bangalore, India-based bioinformatics, clinical genomics, and diagnostics company.