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NextBio Announces NextBio Clinical, Integrates Patient Genomic Data

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NextBio announced today NextBio Clinical, an extension of the company’s existing life sciences platform to translational medicine applications such as biomarker discovery and clinical trial optimization. NextBio Clinical enables the application of clinical information earlier in the discovery process to enhance research and development.

NextBio Clinical aggregates and correlates terabyte-scale collections of private and public cross-platform ‘omics’ data, experimental data from cell lines and other sources, and clinical data from individual patients and population studies. Controlled vocabularies and the platform’s semantic framework eliminate confounding gene, disease and compound annotations, and facilitate application at all stages of research, from early stage experimentation to repositioning approved drugs.

According to Saeid Akhtari, NextBio President and Chief Executive Officer:

Since 2004, NextBio has been addressing the research needs of scientists at academic institutions, pharmaceutical and biotech companies with our cross-technology platform for integrative data analysis. Now, with NextBio Clinical, we directly address the challenges of taking genomics into clinical research for the development of therapeutics and companion diagnostics. By providing patient-centric data and analysis, we facilitate biomarker-driven research that can accelerate the process of translational drug discovery. With the growing availability and decreasing cost of obtaining individual patient data moving genomics into clinical applications, NextBio Clinical is a natural extension for both our platform and our clients who have been using NextBio in their research for many years.

NextBio Clinical enables researchers to bring patient genomic data into the clinical development process at an early stage, accelerating drug discovery by applying human biology earlier in the discovery process. The platform is designed to speed the discovery and development of predictive biomarkers, and the optimization of clinical trial design and patient selection, thus increasing the chance of successful approval for new therapies.

Source: Business Wire