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Habit Opens for Business in the Bay Area and Unveils New Strategic Partnership with Fitbit

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Habit, the world’s first complete personalized nutrition company, today announced that customers in the Bay Area can now order the at-home Nutrition Test Kit to uncover what their biology craves. Starting January 4th, 2017, residents in the Bay Area will be able to go to Habit.com to place their orders. Residents outside of the Bay Area who are interested in the test kits will be added to a waiting list and contacted when the kits are available in their area.

Launched in October 2016, Habit’s mission is to empower people to take control of their health through food. Habit believes that understanding what your body craves at the cellular level is key to feeding the best version of you. This approach is centered around the idea that better nutrition depends not only on the foods we eat, but also on how our bodies uniquely respond to food.

As part of Habit’s platform, over 60 biomarkers are measured and analyzed, including blood biomarkers and how these markers change in response to a clinically validated metabolic beverage called the Habit Challenge™ Shake, as well as genetic variations, self-reported body metrics and personal goals. Using these biomarkers, body metrics and goals, Habit identifies a specific set of foods and nutrients that are best suited for you. Habit also offers nutrition coaching and counseling, as well as doorstep delivery of fresh, personalized meals, crafted for your biology and unique nutritional needs.

Habit is also pleased to announce a partnership with Fitbit, the leader in the connected health and fitness market, to enable Habit users to easily share their body weight, body fat percentage and calories burned from Fitbit Aria® Wi-Fi Smart Scales and Fitbit devices to Habit’s platform. This information will be used to further inform Habit’s personalized food and nutrient recommendations. Habit users will be able to use the real-time updates of their key health and fitness metrics to adjust and recalculate their personal nutrition plan and food recommendations.

“We chose to partner with Fitbit because we share a common mission of empowering consumers to reach their health and fitness goals through personalized data and knowledge,” said Neil Grimmer, Habit founder and CEO. “As we begin the roll-out of our platform, we believe Fitbit’s technology aligns with our goal of optimizing wellness by understanding your entire body – not just one piece of the puzzle.”

As part of the Works with Fitbit® program, this integration will enable Habit to more dynamically recommend food and nutrients that are best for you and your goals. For example, if you have a goal to decrease your body fat, Habit will utilize body fat percentage data from your Fitbit scale and a team of registered dietitians at Habit will modify your nutrition plan to help you meet your goal. Connecting your Fitbit account with your Habit profile is easy – simply select “Connect with Fitbit,” enter your login information, and your Fitbit data will automatically sync.

“As pioneers in our respective markets, we are partnering with Habit to offer new ways to make nutrition more personalized than ever and to help our users reach their health and wellness goals,” said Tim Rosa, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer at Fitbit. “With Habit, we’re providing our users with a more comprehensive look at their personal data so that they can benefit from tailored food plan guidance and meal delivery services and make more informed decisions about their daily nutrition and overall health.”

As the first wearable company to connect health and fitness data with Habit, the companies will continue to look for additional ways to give users the ability to incorporate more of their Fitbit data—from exercise and sleep stats to health and fitness goals—into the Habit recommendation platform. As demonstrated through this integration with Fitbit, Habit is designed to incorporate outside data through integrations with wearables and other platforms. This is the first of many future integrations that will sync biomarker and body metric data, giving users real-time analytics and recommendations to help them with their performance, nutrition and weight management goals.

Habit will begin shipping at-home testing, coaching and meal delivery services in the Bay Area in early 2017, with plans to expand nationally. For more information about Habit, visit www.habit.com.

Source: Habit