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Clinicians Tap Watson to Accelerate DNA Analysis and Inform Personalized Treatment Options for Patients

IBM Watson Health (NYSE: IBfM) recently announced that it is collaborating with more than a dozen leading cancer institutes to accelerate the ability of clinicians to identify and personalize treatment options for their patients. The institutes will apply Watson’s advanced cognitive capabilities to reduce from weeks to minutes the ability to translate DNA insights, understand a person’s genetic profile and gather relevant information from medical literature to personalize treatment options. The project is part of IBM’s broader Watson Health initiative to advance patient-centered care and improve health.

CTCA Puts Precision Cancer Treatment at the Forefront of Care with Advanced Genomic Testing

Cancer Treatment Centers of America® Global (CTCA) recently unveiled its new Centers for Advanced Individual Medicine, a resource that will make advanced genomic testing available to clinically qualified patients recommended by their physicians. The CTCA hospital-based Centers will provide patients and physicians with access to advanced genomic testing when recommended by a patient’s physician, and help educate patients about the potential benefits of precision cancer treatment.

St. Gallen International Breast Cancer Guidelines for the Third Time Distinguish Oncotype DX as the Only Multi-Gene Test Validated to Predict Chemotherapy Benefit

Genomic Health (Nasdaq: GHDX) recently announced that the 14th St. Gallen International Breast Cancer Conference Expert Panel, for the third time, recognized the Oncotype DX® breast cancer test for its ability to provide not only prognostic but also predictive information regarding the likelihood of chemotherapy benefit for patients with early-stage, estrogen receptor-positive, invasive breast cancer. Oncotype DX was the only multi-gene test accepted with a strong majority of panellists supporting it as a predictive tool to guide chemotherapy treatment decision making. The new guidelines were recently published online in the Advance Access section of Annals of Oncology and will appear in a future print issue.

Welltok and IBM Watson Help Centura Health Deliver Personalized Guidance for Consumers Living with Heart Conditions

Welltok, developers of the CafeWell Health Optimization Platform, today announced that the Centura Health Heart and Vascular Network is implementing a new consumer engagement solution called CafeWell Concierge, an app powered by IBM Watson. Centura Health, the region’s health care leader, is the first organization to embrace the app and roll it out to consumers who are transitioning back to everyday life after experiencing a heart condition.

New Publication from Major UK Prospective Screening Trial for Ovarian Cancer Reaffirms High Performance Characteristics of ROCA

Abcodia, a specialist company engaged in the development of tests for the early detection of cancer, with exclusive worldwide licence to the ovarian cancer screening test, ROCA®, has welcomed the publication of a major study that reaffirms its high performance.