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Comprehensive Online Library Developed by Telomere Diagnostics Provides Resources on Science of Telomeres

Telomere Diagnostics, the leader in telomere length measurement, a recognized biomarker for aging well, and creator of the patented TeloYears™ test, has developed the Telomere Learning Center, a comprehensive online library to educate the public on the science of telomeres. The fully searchable site (https://resources.teloyears.com) provides valuable resources to telomere-related content across a range of categories that is accessible free of charge.

Health Care Costs Doubled in Patients Showing Presence of Asthma Biomarker

eMAX Health Systems, LLC announced the results of new research showing almost 200% higher health care costs in patients with elevated peripheral blood eosinophil counts – a key biomarker for severe asthma and asthma exacerbations – compared to those with normal eosinophil counts. This important finding can help identify the high-risk patient with asthma to better manage the disease and reduce costs to the private and government health insurance industry struggling to manage growing asthma costs, estimated to approach $60 billion per year in medical expenses, missed school and work days, and early deaths.

Salivary Cortisol Biomarker May Improve Glucocorticoid Therapy Management

In patients with adrenal insufficiency, salivary cortisol rhythm may serve as a useful biomarker to evaluate the adequacy of glucocorticoid replacement, according to findings from a proof-of-concept study reported in Clinical Endocrinology.

The well-being of patients with adrenal insufficiency depends on optimized glucocorticoid therapy, as undertreatment could induce chronic fatigue and lead to life-threatening adrenal crisis, and overtreatment may have negative, long-term metabolic and cardiovascular consequences, Filippo Ceccato, MD, a doctoral student at the University Hospital of Padova, Italy, and colleagues wrote in the study background.

New Biomarker Allows Better Prediction of Survival for Patients with Colorectal Metastases

Liver metastases are formed from cancer cells that have originated in other organs and migrated to the liver via the bloodstream. Colorectal cancer (cancer of the colon/rectum) can be successfully treated by surgical resection of the metastases in combination with chemotherapy. In collaboration with the University of Southern California (USA), a MedUni Vienna research team has now identified a new biomarker that allows better prediction of survival following surgical removal of the metastases, as well as a change in the clinical significance of the biomarker following chemotherapy.

Tau Shalt Not Return to Play

This January, former New York Jets defensive end Mark Gastineau told a radio show host that he had been diagnosed with dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease, and Parkinson’s Disease. The Jets all-time leader in sacks said he believes his ailments were caused by playing football. The revelations came just a few weeks before the Super Bowl, the most widely viewed event in sports.